Tsia Stuart-Yip from BeautifulMag



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3 responses to “Tsia Stuart-Yip from BeautifulMag

  1. Doris

    Tsia Yip is such a boring person with a big baldy head and no talent , he is getting on now and would have gotten somewhere by now if he was going to . Just dresry really now . He should get a job back at the barbers .

  2. fan of Tsia Stuart-Yip

    I love his work, it’s beautiful, and his ability to use light is outstanding….I own a couple of his prints. This is his new website address to anyone looking for him – tsiastuartyip.4ormat.com

    I think “Doris” sounds rather jealous above?

    I’m not sure whether he works as a barber, but if he does I’m even more impressed that he is multi skilled….brilliant.

    • Thanks for the comment. I took a look at the website you recommended. It looks promising, but there is nothing in it yet. I really like the background. I have bookmarked the website address and will check its ongoing development.

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