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Reuters risk watch for Thailand

Reuters’ analysis of the political, social and economic risks currently affecting Thailand:  and risks to watch in all Asian countries: 

Very informative.



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The girl who is cunning

If I was Stieg Larsson’s lover, I would do the same as she has been doing. She was very fortunate to have obtained the final unpublished manuscript of  the Millennium saga. It is her only chance to make the most of this golden opportunity. Almost the whole world knows how phenomenally well received the existing trilogy has been and I think this lady knows how valuable and potentially rewarding the documents that she received from her late boyfriend are. It is just a matter of time before she gives in to the temptation of handing over the fourth instalment. Maybe when the price is right?

“Stieg Larsson: lover reveals why she won’t hand over final manuscript” in the Telegraph.

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“Wonderful Town” on BBC iPlayer

The highly acclaimed movie by a Thai director, Aditya Assarat, is currently available on the BBC iPlayer page. If you want to watch this multi-award winning film, you will have to be quick as it will be available only until 1:24am Wednesday 1st September 2010. But I am not sure that people who reside outside the UK will be able to access BBC iPlayer. I heard somehow there is a way of watching it (VPN). You will have to figure that out for yourself.

About the film from the blurb on the DVD:

“Set in post-tsunami Thailand, Wonderful Town is a film about rebuilding – both structurally and emotionally after such an overwhelming and life-changing natural disaster. An architect, Ton (Supphasit Kansen), comes to town to work on the new blueprints and stays in a local hotel that seems to be a single handedly run by one woman, Na (Anchalee Saisoontorn). In time the two find comfort in each other’s arms, leading to a touching and tender romance – one that is in stark contrast to the backdrop of the town’s rubble, as well as Na’s bitter brother and his delinquent gang of friends.”

Sight & Sound magazine chose Wonderful Town to be Film of the Month in April 2009. “Film-makers like Aditya give the lie to all the talk of ‘the end of art cinema’ after the deaths of Bergman and Antonioni. He’s a serious-minded director, here tackling palpably real psychological and emotional issues, and the nearest his film comes to the ‘language’ of commercial movies is when he plays a song on the soundtrack over a driving sequence. (It’s a measure of his playful sense of irony that he calls his production company Pop Pictures.)”

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It is time to move on

If the auther wanted readers to achieve a feeling of nothingness with this novel, he achieved that goal. In “Imperial Bedrooms”, Mr. Ellis kept my attention with the mysterious aspects of the book.  I felt engaged and wanted to find out why  horrible things had to happen to some characters. It induced me to keep on reading. Having said that, when what it was all about was unravelled, my first reaction was that this was slightly ridiculous. As self-centred as most of these characters are, they should not have let themselves get involved with a woman who does not appear to be anything special. These people don’t care about anybody or even about themselves. For this reason, to me, it was a tad absurd when it was revealed what they had got themselves into and why bad things had to happen to some of them. If the aim of the novel was to make readers feel how superficial these characters were, I am happy to say that he succeeded. “We don’t care what people think about us”: I wish the author had come up with something more original. This mentality had been portrayed before in his previous novels. It is getting tedious. The shocking aspects of the book did not faze me, in this day and age where plenty of gratuitous material can be found and viewed via various forms of media and entertainment. Unless he thinks his readers are living sheltered lives. There is no doubt he is a good writer and knows how to make a story engaging, but Mr. Ellis seems to be enjoying repeating himself.

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Thai Tourist Police Dancing video

The choreography is bearable, but the synchronization is questionable. We can put it down to the fact that this is their first attempt and their lack of dancing experience. Never mind they can still do better in the next video if they ever think of making another one. Their bop is mildly amusing nonetheless.

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Tsia Stuart-Yip from BeautifulMag


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Chua faa din sa-lai

The movie is based on the classic Thai novel of the same name. The trailer has already caused a bit of a stir. It is exciting to see Ananda Everingham and Laila Boonyasak getting it on in the scene. The latter is simply delightful to look at. Don’t you agree?

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