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The cost of Thai democracy

“Look , what’s going on in Nakhon Panom as local red shirts are preparing to leave for Bangkok to join the mass rallies on Sunday.”

Via: the Nation

There you are my fellow countrymen who are fighting in the name of so-called democracy. No wonder they are overly eager to participate in the mass rally this weekend.


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Dengue fever revisited

The health authority of Thailand has warned that a large number of people are likely to catch Dengue fever this year. From January to 13th February, the number of patients who have suffered from this illness has reached almost 4,000; 3,757 cases and 3 casualties so far. On average, there are approximately 85 cases of Dengue fever related illness per day. The disease has been spreading widely in the central region of Thailand accounting for 55% of the total number of cases, followed by the south and the north-eastern regions respectively. By comparison, during the same period last year only 2,511 Dengue fever patients were submitted to hospital. According to the Thai news.

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