Exhibitionism and a voyeuristic game

The security guard at the hotel where I spent my last holiday took a rather unusual interest in me. The guy spent almost every afternoon ogling me. He kept looking into the villa grounds. Initially I did not pay much attention to him; I simply ignored his clandestine observation. Later, during my two weeks holiday, I came to notice him appearing over the fence on almost a daily basis. The reason may have had something to do with the fact that he might never have seen a Thai person dressed so provocatively in dinky swimwear like I was throughout my stay at the hotel. For my part, I did not intend to show off my body to anybody and he should not have been looking into the premises; it was a private area. However I did not care about what he was trying to achieve by looking at me. His gaze did not unsettle me, nor did I take offence at his constant staring.

A few days before I departed for Bangkok, this guy decided to be more open with his prurience. When he walked past the villa, he would take a few moments to scan in my direction. Again he would look over the fence at the same spot like he had been doing for several days. He even waved at me a couple of times. I guess it was a sign of appreciation for what he had seen. Once I waved back at him politely. I will never know the purpose of his leering at me. A homosexual tendency or just simply curiosity, maybe? I assume the guy must have savoured the moment. He kept eyeing me and saw more than he had bargained for, he truly did!



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