I am feeling in love again

This is my kind of movie. Just looking at the trailer of this film, I cannot help feeling in love with ‘A Single Man’. I keep coming back to this clip and savouring  every second of it. The movie looks pretty stylistic and delicate. It turns me on aesthetically. The story itself sounds touching. Imagine you lost someone whom you love dearly; what would you do? It would be extremely tough for anybody to go on living without him or her. If I had to experience the same situation as the protagonist, I would be unable to breathe properly. I might be choked with emotions and those who are reading this entry might suffocate from nausea!

“Waking up begins with sayin ‘am’ and ‘now’. For the past eight months, waking up has actually hurt. (Sigh) Cold realistation that I’m still here slowly sets in. I was never terribly fond of waking up. I was never one to jump out of bed and greet the day with a smile like Jim was. I used to want to punch him sometimes in the morning, he was so happy. I always used to tell him that only fools greet the day with a smile, that only fools could possibly escape the simple truth, that now isn’t simply now. It’s a cold reminder; one day later than yesterday, one year later than last year, and that sooner or later – it will come. He used to laugh at me and then give me a kiss on the cheek.” Transcribed from “A Single Man” the movie.



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2 responses to “I am feeling in love again

  1. Sam

    The movie looks interesting. I’m not a fantastic symbolism-savvy person, but I kind of got a little bit about what’s it all about. Or maybe you can tell me? Hehe. I’m not even sure I got it right.

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