My teacher liked Suede and so did I

One of the Thai teachers who taught me at college often loved to engage in conversation with me about Britpop. He was aware of the fact that I had been listening to and reading about British bands such as Blur, Pulp, Ash and so on. It did not come as a surprise when he asked me if I had been listening to Suede as well. This teacher of mine liked the band a lot. He was a Suede aficionado. He even had a Brett Anderson haircut. When my friends and I wanted to slag him off we would often refer to him as our Brett. Once, if I remember correctly it was a ‘Saturday Night’, we saw him and his alleged boyfriend, who was also teaching us at the college, dancing together in a nightclub to one of Suede’s songs: ‘Trash’. Our Brett did not realise that we were there. Camp as he was at that time, he demonstrated his moves effeminately. We could not help laughing when we saw him doing a jig. He looked ridiculous but in an amusing way.  Some people just cannot help being dedicated to the thing they most like and so was the case with my teacher.

I also liked some of Suede’s songs. I would repeatedly listen to ‘Trash’, Beautiful Ones’, ‘She’s in Fashion’ and ‘Everything will flow’. Listening to these songs brings back some of my gleeful memories. They revitalise my youth and I feel ever ‘So Young’.


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