New arrivals

I got an email from the website that I usually purchase my clothes from. The seller has been trying to tempt me to buy a few items from the site for quite some time. So far, I have managed to ignore this incessant persuasion. Having said that, after receiving the latest email, I must admit that I could give in to this cajoling easily. I like these denims. They look very fetching and sexy. I have bought Rufskin denims before and they fit my lower parts perfectly. The jeans help to enhance your manliness. I think you know what I mean.

Don’t they look nice? I must not yield to this temptation. But they are so inviting. I mean the garments. Sigh…



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One response to “New arrivals

  1. โอ๊ยยย……….ขอยาดมด่วน เจ๊จะเป็นลม 😉

    เปิดมากะจะมาบอกว่าเราอัพบล๊อกแล้วนะ แต่ช๊อคกับรูปแรก พี่แกล้วงเป้าโชว์ 555

    ปอลิง….เราชอบหุ่นคนที่สองอ่ะ กำลังดี ((อ้าวอินี่ 555))

    Take care Ja….

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