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The Paris Review Interviews Vol. 4

As it states at the back cover of the book “if you want to get acquainted with your favourite writer, you could go to a reading or a book-signing. But to really know them, you should read a Paris Review Interview.” In this latest volume, the book features a decent number of prominent writers such as the great American author Philip Roth, two Nobel Laureates: V.S. Naipaul and Orhan Pamuk, the inventive and unpredictable novelist Paul Auster and of course my dear Haruki Murakami and so on. As a Murakami aficionado, I went straight for his interview.

As a fan of his work, I found the interview quite informative. But many of the things he discusses with the interviewer do not come as a surprise. He is well known as a loner who likes to keep his distance and a reluctant talker who does not seem to take himself very seriously. An elusive novelist who often writes offbeat books, but on the other hand, prefers to translate American realists. An avid reader of his books will realise that he would rather leave everything wide open than judge or provide conclusions. Quite often, the protagonists in his novels are always missing something and they keep searching for it. Sometimes disappointment arises, but the experience itself is paramount. That seems to be the theme of his books.


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