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My perspective, as a Thai, on the programme

Much is being discussed and debated about a television programme called “Big Trouble in Tourist Thailand”. The programme has been broadcast on Bravo, a British television channel, every Monday at 10 p.m.  for the last couple of weeks. I watched the first two episodes and I will carry on watching the rest of the series. Personally, I see nothing wrong with the programme. Given the title of the programme it is guaranteed to feature scenes depicting the bad behaviour of some tourists and locals. To my surprise, many people have been making a big fuss about it. The Thai authorities are not pleased to see what features in the show and have been taking action. Some expats are also not very keen to see their fellow citizens behaving badly in the Land of Smiles. Having watched quite a few programmes on Bravo, I am aware of the fact that this channel caters for a particular kind of audience. There have been programmes before on the channel where British tourists have gone abroad and got into trouble. Although this show about Thailand comes across as cheap entertainment, it also provides good advice to foreigners on how to steer clear of trouble when they visit certain places in the country and also how to deal with the locals in sticky situations. Here is a list of websites and blogs that discuss the show:

I bet the people behind the programme have been beaming with pleasure to see it being widely discussed. Hats off to them, I suppose!



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