Thaksin’s Facebook and Twitter, can’t wait!

Apparently, the sometime Thai Prime Minister is going to celebrate his birthday by giving his fans an opportunity to communicate with him via Facebook and Twitter. I assume that many people, especially his cohorts who have not used social networks before, are dying to register with these social utilities. His Facebook and Twitter pages will appear in cyberspace tomorrow, that is Saturday, 25 July, Thailand time. The first issue that he wants to discuss is Swine ‘flu. He would like to present his knowledge of how to tackle this pandemic to the Thai government. And another thing, he is going to welcome anybody who wants to join his networks, particularly those who want to wish him a happy birthday. I cannot wait to join the club. Probably not.



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4 responses to “Thaksin’s Facebook and Twitter, can’t wait!

  1. Hayseed

    I thought I might mosey on over and do a bit of gratuitous violence to yer man’s image. But why bother! It has obviously been set up by his sychophants. And like him, they most probably hardly know their arse from their elbow. The fact that they just don’t get it is because they never get it.

  2. Hayseed

    They are more than a bit like sheep. Not the wild kind from the mountains, but the sort of docile lowland ones that hardly need even a collie to get in the fold, they stick together so much.

  3. Ko

    เมื่อไหร่จะมี thaksin on camfrog มั่งเนี้ย 😀

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