How lovely am I?

In short, I am very lovely, according to my own opinion. 🙂 I cannot deny this fact. It must surely sound extremely narcissistic and arrogant to say this. Yet in my self adoration, I have no shame whatsoever. To me, all human beings should at least appreciate their imperfect lives to some extent and in one way or another. To value myself does not mean that I think I am far superior to other people. I just love life and try my very best to make it worth living. I will always find a way to be on cloud nine. One way to do this is to turn myself into a preener on a regular basis.

What inspired me to compose this rambling is an item of news entitled ‘How lovely are you?’.  There are quizzes given on the news as a way to find out whether you are a lovely person or not. A case in point is question no 19: “You are confident of your shape when being naked”. There are only two choices for the answer, i.e. yes or no. My answer is the former. Overall, there are 23 questions. If you are up for a laugh or you want to satisfy your own curiosity, I recommend checking it out via the link.



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5 responses to “How lovely am I?

  1. yodmanudying

    เห็นด้วยว่าเจ้าของบล็อกเป็นคนน่ารักค่ะ (ถึงไม่เคยเจอก็รู้ได้นะ)

  2. Mark

    Astronomical! 🙂

  3. Yummy

    Totally agree. Khun very narak krab!

  4. Ko

    ตอนแรกตอบจริง .. งง กับ prediction (เป็นไปได้ไง)
    คราวนี้ลองโกหกตัวเองบ้าง .. อ้าว เหมือนกัน 555

  5. ขอบคุณทุกคนมากๆกับ comments น่ะครับ



    Thank you very much for the lovely comments. You all are “narak” too -in your own way- although we have never met.

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