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Lovely threesome

I have been reading this Japanese novel for a week. I first read it many years ago as a Thai translation and even brought the book with me to the UK.  I very much adore it. I decided to ask someone to buy the English translation, called “Twinkle Twinkle”, for me when it was published in 2003. The story is about two people who were wed into a marriage of convenience. The wife is an emotionally unstable alcoholic and the husband is a doctor who happens to be gay and has a boyfriend.

The story was told by Shoko and Mutsuki, the newlyweds, who commented on one another alternately from chapter to chapter. Despite their bizarre relationship they, including Kon, the husband’s male lover, managed to accept each other’s imperfections and fill in the gap that had been missing in their lives. For these three people, merely to be together with the ones they cared about, although difficult from time to time, enabled their lives to be dazzling.



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But where to? In this music video, Nong May, as usual, is so kawaii.

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Thaksin’s Facebook and Twitter, can’t wait!

Apparently, the sometime Thai Prime Minister is going to celebrate his birthday by giving his fans an opportunity to communicate with him via Facebook and Twitter. I assume that many people, especially his cohorts who have not used social networks before, are dying to register with these social utilities. His Facebook and Twitter pages will appear in cyberspace tomorrow, that is Saturday, 25 July, Thailand time. The first issue that he wants to discuss is Swine ‘flu. He would like to present his knowledge of how to tackle this pandemic to the Thai government. And another thing, he is going to welcome anybody who wants to join his networks, particularly those who want to wish him a happy birthday. I cannot wait to join the club. Probably not.


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What I am reading at the moment

At the moment I cannot immerse myself in reading particular subjects that interest me, e.g. philosophy or psychology. To some extent, my unbounded enthusiasm does not appear to be boundless just now. For now it is best for me to read something lighter; something that I usually enjoy whenever I leaf through my books.

I bought this anthology ages ago but, until yesterday, I had not found the perfect opportunity to savour it. It was compiled and translated by The Japan Foundation. The book contains the various informative views of novelists, critics, translators and artists alike, on Murakami’s work and his phenomenon around the world; in other words, it is a symposium on Haruki Murakami and his works of art.

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How lovely am I?

In short, I am very lovely, according to my own opinion. 🙂 I cannot deny this fact. It must surely sound extremely narcissistic and arrogant to say this. Yet in my self adoration, I have no shame whatsoever. To me, all human beings should at least appreciate their imperfect lives to some extent and in one way or another. To value myself does not mean that I think I am far superior to other people. I just love life and try my very best to make it worth living. I will always find a way to be on cloud nine. One way to do this is to turn myself into a preener on a regular basis.

What inspired me to compose this rambling is an item of news entitled ‘How lovely are you?’.  There are quizzes given on the news as a way to find out whether you are a lovely person or not. A case in point is question no 19: “You are confident of your shape when being naked”. There are only two choices for the answer, i.e. yes or no. My answer is the former. Overall, there are 23 questions. If you are up for a laugh or you want to satisfy your own curiosity, I recommend checking it out via the link.


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My interest in philosophy

I have not officially finished my reading about Existentialism, but I have been struggling to grasp this ideological concept. According to the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, “existentialism is the modern system of belief made famous by Jean Paul Sartre in the 1940s in which the world is meaningless and each person is alone and completely responsible for their own actions, by which they make their own character.” This way of thinking sounds reasonable to me and self evident. Yet, there are still more complex threads about this ‘ism’ that are waiting for me to unravel. I will soon find out more about this philosophical principle but at the moment my average sized brain cannot take it any more. The central nervous sytem is a bit slow right now.

I suppose the best way to comprehend this set of beliefs is to read literature written by those influential in the field. People like Franz Kafka, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Albert Camus etc. To say this does not mean that I am forgetting about Soren Kierkegaard and Friedrich Nietzsche or the other prominent authors who have helped, in their own ways, to open the door to this unique way of thinking. Thus far, I have acquired some very decent novels that will assist my understanding of the existential theme, e.g. The Trial by Franz Kafka, Notes from Underground by Fyodor Dostoevsky and The Stranger also known as The Outsider by Albert Camus. I shall read these very well known books in due course and will very much enjoy them.

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This song is for you who come to visit my blog. It is a lovely song. It does not matter whether you know the Thai lyrics or not, I think you can still enjoy it. I used to occasionally sing this song while I was walking from the train station to my home, after I had finished my studies in London. For some inexplicable reason, when I sang it, it helped to alleviate my frustration.


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