Dress as you like

A private school in Phichit province in Thailand has allowed its students to dress however they want. The administrators of the school realised that boys who behave effeminately and girls who act in a tomboy manner are often teased when they attend the classroom and this has affected these kids’ study as they want to express who they really are. The school management unanimously agreed that it does not matter who these kids are, as long as they are morally good and cause no trouble to anybody. For this reason, in order to sort out the problem and encourage harmony in the school, they decided that the kids should be given the chance to dress according to their gender interest: boys can dress as girls and vice versa. A big round of applause to the school from me.

Sources: Manager newspaper and news Hunsa.com



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8 responses to “Dress as you like

  1. I need a time machine. I wish I’d gone to a school like that.

    • I do not think many people would mind as long as these kids dressed appropriately, covered themselves up properly and were respectful towards other people; there should not be a problem. However, some Thais still disagree with this kind of encouragement as they take the view that instead of supporting them in doing something superficial like dressing up – according to those who are opposed- the school should be encouraging the students in terms of academic achievement. Some even argue that these kids’ behaviour might influence their peers to act in the same way. Personally, I think that assumption is unfounded. Just because some people are a bit unconventional does not mean they are trying to make other people the same as them. Bigotry is everywhere, even in Thailand.

      • I’d originally thought that Thailand was a lot more open-minded and that since Kathoeys were held in such higher regard than transgenders in other parts of the world. They still do have a long way to go in Thailand, too. That’s pretty sad but things are changing fast.

  2. Indeed, Thailand is very open-minded about this topic, but there is still a minority who are just plain crass and unnecessarily rude to other people they deem to be a bit noncomformist. Having said that, it does not mean that their remarks represent hatred against transgenders. Some people are simply the way they are; they are very good at bad-mouthing other people, whether they are Kathoeys or not. I used to have friends from both sides: guys who are effeminate and those who are macho straight. As funny as it sounds, from time to time the latter made foul comments about the former; and yet I still saw them hanging out together on occasion. That’s Thai people for you.

    • That sounds a bit like the love/hate relationship between gays and transgenders where I live in Florida! There’s a lot of back-biting, yet we often seem to keep hanging out at the same places. I’m not even going to get started on what goes on with everyone under the umbrella term “transgender.” LOL

    • o1oo1o11

      “That’s Thai people for you”… Kinda sounds like everyone! =)

  3. In general terms,



  4. Ben

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    lo fucking l

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