In consolation

Yesterday while I was checking out a number of blogs about Thailand, I chanced upon a very sad story about a Thai boy who had committed suicide at school. The entry is on Thai-blogs written by a teacher who works there. The demise of this boy has touched me and unsettled me. Consequently I spent all night until the early morning thinking about this calamitous occurrence. Strange as it may sound, the death of someone with whom I have no connection whatsoever, has affected me inwardly to a certain extent. I have been dwelling on this, trying to get a picture of the boy’s last fleeting thoughts. But no one, including his parents, ever knew what was in his mind.

Young people who are inexperienced in dealing with emotions when their feelings have been hurt by something will find it hard to overcome that negative intensity. They can be too overwhelmed with gloom-ridden thoughts. One bad incident can be a big deal for them. When this happens, kids who are not very good at expressing themselves may continue to brood and dwell on all the bad experiences that have occurred to them. One thing may lead to another, like a magnet sucking in all sorts of bad things into their minds. There is no denying that the unexpected loss of a loved one is the worst punishment that any parent can experience. No one ever wants to see their children suffer under any circumstances, let alone see their kids struck down in such a dreadful way. The family will never get over this reality.

Talking about recovering from this terrible episode, his friends and classmates must almost certainly be devastated. To see the friend that they used to play with end his life in such an unfortunate way will have a lasting effect on these children’s mentality. I hope that their parents and teachers will devote time to counselling them. I offer my sincere condolences to all affected by this tragic deed.


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  1. Mark

    Indeed, very sad.


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