I need a day to decompress

I have been learning like mad since I came back from my holiday. I have been stretching myself too much trying to gain knowledge for the past few weeks and feel too exhausted to keep it up. It gets more and more difficult to concentrate on what I am studying. It is time for me to mellow out a bit.

Initially, I was going to write something to make fun of the Eurovision song contest; to say how cheesy the event was, but yesterday I was slightly sick with a bit of a headache and nauseous feeling. I ended up doing nothing in particular except for sitting in front of the telly and watching some evening programmes for a couple of hours. As the time passed the pain in my head gradually eased away, as did the day, leaving me without the chance to do more productive things.

Today I am determined to do nothing at all apart from indulging myself in reading “Audition”. So far the story has developed slowly and it will continue at a steady pace until it reaches the climax and its shocking ending. As I watched the film adaption of the book, I already know what will happen. Knowing what it is all about spoils the book a bit; yet the novel is still a good read. Just so that you are aware, there is also an upcoming movie adapted from another book of Ryu Murakami called, “Coin Locker Babies”.


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