I briefly saw a report on the Sky News channel about a pregnant British woman who has been sentenced to death in south east Asia for drugs smuggling. I did not know which country this woman was to be executed in. I thought it was Thailand, so I decided to check out the full details on the website. But it is not Thailand.

According to the news, this story is happening in Laos. I reiterate: the case is taking place in Laos, not in Thailand. There has been a campaign to save her and her baby from being shot by firing squad. However, that is not what I am discussing in this topic. The thing I want to say is that some of the Brits who commented on the story do not even know that Thailand and Laos are totally different countries. One person even called on people in Britain to boycott Thailand if this woman is executed! And I want to know why exactly people should boycott Thailand? What has this frigging incident got to do with Thailand? If the person who posted that comment requested a boycott against ignorance, I would definitely join the campaign, given their stupidity. You can read the news and comments via the link.


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  1. Ko

    i didn’t know so much about the point of view of people in Britain, but everyone i’ve ever known in France are really love Thailand. 🙂

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