Gorgeous weather again

What  a lovely day again today. It is pleasantly warm. People have been mowing the lawn, going out to do some minor business and others have been sitting at the back of their houses enjoying the warmth. Even as I am writing right now, I can hear the birds chirping. It is a beautiful day.

I was not going to write anything today but there was some small hiccup disrupting my daily schedule. Hence, I had to replace one activity with another. It was not a big deal. In a good way, it allowed me to do some other useful things i.e. reading my text book and writing a blog about the weather to shape up my writing skill.

According to the news, the coming summer in the UK is predicted to be warmer than usual. It will be a long season of barbecues and I am bound to smell a lot of cooking meat, sausages, vegetables and so on. Doesn’t it sound great? I hope the weather forecast by the Met. Office is correct.


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One response to “Gorgeous weather again

  1. Ko

    i just gotta know treasure of the sun
    and go outside to take a walk every weekend when saw it.

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