Walking in the heat of Bangkok

It has been such a pleasant week in the UK. The weather has been lovely throughout the whole week. It is just delightful. But I am not sure about tomorrow’s weather. That is the UK weather for you. It is constantly changing. In comparison with the temperature in Thailand right now, I heard that this week is supposed to be the hottest week of the year. Unsurprising as April is the warmest month. So, I wish all  the best to people who are living in Thailand and enduring the unbearable heaviness of the current Thai temperature. Good luck!

The day before we returned to Britain, I had to go back to Bangkok to stay overnight. After we checked in at the hotel and rested in the room for a few minutes, we decided to go out to do some minor business – searching for a wedding gift to take back to the UK. We walked in the heat of Bangkok to the monorail station in the Silom area and journeyed to Ratchadamri station, located near the Four Seasons hotel.  After that, we walked a bit more in the scorching heat to find the place where I wanted to buy Thai silk as a wedding gift. Unfortunately, the area had been demolished and it was a pain in a neck that I would have to resort to buying something else. Initially, I did not know where to go next so I had to ask people to recommend somewhere where I should go for traditional Thai craftwork. We walked yet more in the polluted heat of Bangkok to find the place. By the grace of God, we came across a number of people selling folk garments and other very Thai things. I was happy then, as I had plenty of choice of things to get as a gift. I ended buying three cushion covers as shown in the pictures. I think these will do just nicely.


To return to the hotel we had to take the monorail again and we walked on to Siam station: basically, we were a bit lost as to where to catch the train. I must say I found the monorail to be very convenient in a city like Bangkok. It was still very hot and I sweated profusely, like many people I guess. Even as a Thai person, I fould it difficult to deal with the Bangkok summer, never mind those westerners who I came across while walking to the station. To me, they were just like big penguins walking in the desert. It always amazes me that they can survive in this city. Anyway, in the end, we reached the station and travelled back to the hotel. Although I was exhausted from the heat, I still got what I wanted as a special offering to someone. Amen!



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