A writer as a runner

Yodmanudying at Yodmanudying’s Blog wrote a very well-thought out topic about Murakami’s memoir; “What I Talk About When I talk About Running”. It is a very good analysis of the book, but unfortunately it was not written in English. Too bad, I am not going to translate her entry into English and post it into my blog either. 🙂 Instead, owing to the fact that I have not fully recovered from jet lag or more truthfully because of my laziness, I have decided to re-publish the comment that I posted on her blog regarding the subject, as follows:

As a writer who wants to have a long run in a professional writing career, Mr. Murakami decided to make himself as healthy as he could by going to bed early, quitting smoking and keeping his body fit by running a marathon. To be a good runner he has to drive himself hard physically. Running is a time consuming activity and needs effort. The same applies to his job as a novelist which requires physical and mental drive. Aside from having talent in piecing words, phrases and sentences together, a good novelist must be able to keep his concentration and focus, as well as the ability to endure the long hard work associated with writing a novel. Here we can see the obvious comparison between his writing and running. What I like about this book is Murakami’s acceptance of the reality of his age. When a person gets older, no matter how hard he trains, he is never going to maintain the same pace as the young man he once was, but as he says in his book, “At least He Never Walked.”

It is a revealing book of the memoirs of a great writer and a decent runner. It is a jolly good read.

I often find inspiration in his books. Because not everyone is born with talent, but with sheer determination, will power and more importantly, believing and having confidence in yourself, you can still do eveything as best as you can. Even if it does not turn out as you expected, at least, you have experienced and tried.



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3 responses to “A writer as a runner

  1. yodmanudying

    ที่จริงคุณ oneditorial วิเคราะห์ได้ดีและกระชับกว่าเราเยอะเลย ^_^

    เราชอบเล่มนี้มากจนไปซื้อเรื่อง The Great Gatsby มาเก็บไว้เลยค่ะ (แต่ยังไม่ได้อ่าน)

  2. what an awesome read. just finished it the other day.

    It made me want to run more and write more.

    There are so many nuggets of wisdom in there about life, work, exercise and writing.

  3. Sunantha Benjawanich

    Don’t waste your time with Thai Girl. Look at “Only 13” instead. This will wake you up to a lot of realities which are overlooked in Thailand.

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