Stinky boyfriends

Some Thai girls who have farang boyfriends have asked me from time to time how to deal with their beloved’s odour. In the case of a girl who has just started dating a western guy, it is quite difficult and maybe inconsiderate to express her dissatisfaction with the guy’s BO. On the other hand, I do not suppose a Thai woman who has lived with her farang honey for a while would find it difficult to tell her man a few home truths.

Quite often I have had to explain to these women that their men might not have intended to leave their body in an unhygienic state. The truth is that these men have come from a part of the world where the climate and temperature are quite unlike Thailand. There is a world of difference between the cold weather in western countries and the hot, humid heat of Thailand. Guys can go without showering for a week in their native lands. Presumably, when they come to Thailand, it might be habitual for them to behave like they did at home. I quite understand these women’s concern – if  I had to deal with the overbearingly stinky, blue cheese-like pong on a regular basis, I would soon be fed up and discontented. With my very best and vague hypothesis, I managed to make the girls understand the distinction. I even advised some of them to take their fellas to the shower or have a bath with them. In this way, not only they will sanitise their beaux, it will surely provide an opportunity for them to do something else together; something more exciting and entertaining.



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6 responses to “Stinky boyfriends

  1. yodmanudying

    นี่เป็นสาเหตุหลักเลยล่ะค่ะ ที่ทำให้ไม่กล้ามีแฟนฝรั่ง :b

  2. yodmanudying

    ตอนนี้อ่าน what I talk about when I talk about running อยู่ค่า ชอบมาก คุณ oneditorial ได้อ่านรึยังคะ?

  3. อ่านแล้วครับ ชอบครับ

    ต้องขอโทษที่ตอบช้าด้วยครับ เพราะมาพักตากอากาศที่เมืองไทยหลายวัน ตอนนี้กำลังจะขึ้นเครื่องกลับอังกฤษครับ ตอนนี้อยู่ที่สุวรรณภูมิครับ



  4. I’m farang (BritinBangkok – thanks for adding a link to my blog recently 🙂 and even I think a lot of farang guys smell. I’ve never understood why so many farang men in Thailand don’t shower very often. I even worked with one guy who used to wear the same shirt for TWO days. Yuk! I’m miserable if I don’t shower at least 2-3 times a day – can’t imagine walking around Thailand stinking!! The Brits are the worst though (and I’m British originally so I can say that, LOL). Americans tend to shower more than the British anyway. But, I’ve never figured out how I grew up in a family in England where we showered at least twice a day, yet nobody else I knew did. Don’t know what happened to my family to make us so clean LOL.

    Interesting blog by the way!!

    • I understand the weather can influence people to behave in different ways. This includes the habit of taking a shower. As I was born in Thailand, a warm country, it is not very hard to decide to take a shower several times a day, either to cool myself down or sanitise myself. As I said before, some western men who live in Thailand might not intend to leave their body unclean. It may be because they did not have to take a shower every day where they came from. I think it is just a matter of habit.

      Your blog is interesting too.

  5. ‘Guys can go without showering for a week in their native lands’

    What guys? lol! I would run a mile from a man who was that remiss in the personal hygiene department.

    Not showering is just as unacceptable in the west as in Thailand. But there are westerners… and there are westerners…

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