I did this too

I was checking out a few blogs, when suddenly I came across an amusing story on Britinbangkok. I must agree with this story about Thai girls seeming to take quite a long time in the bathroom, preening and powdering themselves in front of the mirror. It may surprise you, but it is not only girls who take their time in the bathroom; some Thai men, especially young dudes, also take their time titivating themselves, me included. I cannot tell you exactly when this behaviour started, if I remember it was during my teenage years. It was normal practice for some of us. I and a few of my mates even carried toiletries around with us and when we went to the rest room, we just did like our female friends did. Quite often, we asked the girls for such stuff as baby powder, body lotion and lipbalm when we did not have any. This hobby of making themselves look attractive seems to be quite something for Thai youths. Funny though.


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