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Stinky boyfriends

Some Thai girls who have farang boyfriends have asked me from time to time how to deal with their beloved’s odour. In the case of a girl who has just started dating a western guy, it is quite difficult and maybe inconsiderate to express her dissatisfaction with the guy’s BO. On the other hand, I do not suppose a Thai woman who has lived with her farang honey for a while would find it difficult to tell her man a few home truths.

Quite often I have had to explain to these women that their men might not have intended to leave their body in an unhygienic state. The truth is that these men have come from a part of the world where the climate and temperature are quite unlike Thailand. There is a world of difference between the cold weather in western countries and the hot, humid heat of Thailand. Guys can go without showering for a week in their native lands. Presumably, when they come to Thailand, it might be habitual for them to behave like they did at home. I quite understand these women’s concern – if  I had to deal with the overbearingly stinky, blue cheese-like pong on a regular basis, I would soon be fed up and discontented. With my very best and vague hypothesis, I managed to make the girls understand the distinction. I even advised some of them to take their fellas to the shower or have a bath with them. In this way, not only they will sanitise their beaux, it will surely provide an opportunity for them to do something else together; something more exciting and entertaining.



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Nong Poy in Urban Dictionary

I do not think it is necessary to introduce this lady since she is such an online sensation. Because of her phenomenonal, unique beauty, the UrbanDictionary, “the slang dictionary you wrote”,  has given the words Nong Poy two meanings. You can check the definition on the website via the link. To celebrate her achievments, I have decided to post two videos that someone uploaded to Youtube: one is a close-up clip of her face; the other is a video of her in a sexy talent pose. There is no doubt that she is certainly a beautiful dude!

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I like Thai summer

I miss Thai summers so badly. At this time of the year, the temperature is usually high. Wait until April and it is stiflingly hot. It is so unbearable to walk outside, but that is one of the reasons I like it. It is a good excuse to go out during the daytime to meet up with friends in the air conditioned shopping mall or go to a cooler place like the beach or to the park to find a breeze and some shade. Doing nothing in particular I would chill out under the blue sky, while listening to the rasping of the cicadas. If you have ever been in Thailand at this time of the year, you will understand what I mean: these little creatures are noisy, aren’t they? But that is just Thai summer for you, if you didn’t hear them, your summer would be lacking something.

What I also like about this time of  the year are the seasonal fruits – Thai people are lucky to have plenty of fruit to eat throughout the year anyway – and there is ample for people to indulge themselves during the summer heat. These fruits are not only tasty and succulent, they are also good for you. Take mango for example, whether it is raw or ripe, it is full of substances that help our body to produce Vitamin A. Pineapple is very good too. Not only is it full of vitamins, it also helps our body to digest food quickly as well. The summer fruit that I love most, however, must be red melon. Nothing can beat this juicy, yummy thing, especially when you eat it after you have left it in the fridge for quite a while. Imagine walking into your house, sweating profusely as a result of the heat and going straight to the refrigerator. After downing some water, you will surely want to have a taste of a very cool, sweet red melon. It just so revitalises you. It is good for your bladder too and also helps to cool down the heat inside your body. There are other fruits such as durian, mangosteen, rambutan and so on – too many to talk about. I will leave it to you to find out for yourself.

This time of the year, like so many people, I love staying on the beach, doing nothing at all. Every day after breakfast I will go back to the room and get my clothes off and wear nothing except my dinky swimwear. Ideally, I would like to be dressed in nothing at all but you have to be careful as that is deemed inappropriate in Thailand. Neverthless, I have sometimes managed to do just that. I did not care anyway as it was too bleeding warm. Swimming naked in the pool is too awesome to miss. It is just a matter of fact that I have no shame whatsoever. Why should I? I did it on private premises. It is nobody’s business to look inside.

The downside of summer in Thailand is that food tends to go bad pretty quickly. That is a fact. This is the reason that we have to be cautious what we eat. The food has to be freshly made and people have to make sure that the meal has no sour taste since it is a sign of it going off. But no matter how thorough you are, in the summer, you will sometimes suffer from stomach pains as a result of what you eat. Though you are not going to die because of that. Overall, the Thai summer is a time for people to enjoy themselves, but please do not be bad-tempered because of the heat. Just relax and listen to the wind blowing and the rhythm of the sea.

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I did this too

I was checking out a few blogs, when suddenly I came across an amusing story on Britinbangkok. I must agree with this story about Thai girls seeming to take quite a long time in the bathroom, preening and powdering themselves in front of the mirror. It may surprise you, but it is not only girls who take their time in the bathroom; some Thai men, especially young dudes, also take their time titivating themselves, me included. I cannot tell you exactly when this behaviour started, if I remember it was during my teenage years. It was normal practice for some of us. I and a few of my mates even carried toiletries around with us and when we went to the rest room, we just did like our female friends did. Quite often, we asked the girls for such stuff as baby powder, body lotion and lipbalm when we did not have any. This hobby of making themselves look attractive seems to be quite something for Thai youths. Funny though.

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