An invisible wave keeps assaulting my emotions

Yesterday was not too bad, despite having to put up with things that I do not normally do. To me, this time of the year is usually tedious. Thank goodness Christmas does not happen every day. On the other hand, I quite understand that, to many people who have been busy all year, this season is a good time for them to have the opportunity to rest from their banal daily lives and spend time with their own families, irrespective of whether you want to see them or not. Personally, I do not mind at all but I would not wish to do something like this every day. It is just nothing to write home about, though not quite as dull as ditchwater!  Soon, the day will be over and tomorrow I will be able to return to my usual routine. I only wish that the day would past a little more quickly. Sigh…

This morning when I woke up, straight away I was assaulted by the memory of that disastrous boxing day when the Asian tsunami hit Thailand and other countries in the region. I remember very well that on that day, I was emotionally engaged in this horrible event even though no one I know got caught up in it. I was genuinely and deeply upset by the tragedy. I can only hope that a devastating event like this will never happen again in the future.



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3 responses to “An invisible wave keeps assaulting my emotions

  1. yodmanudying

    แวะมาอวยพรค่า ขอให้อารมณ์ดีขึ้นเร็วๆนะคะ
    Happy New Year ค่า ^_^

  2. jezza

    It is a day I remember every year too. The night of 25th, a friend’s business partner (a friend of mine also) was shot in the street going home, and the next day the tsunami, which badly hurt, and took, a number of my friends.

    As a child, I loved Boxing Day, playing with new toys and presents, running around outside in the snow.

    Those memories of Boxing Day are now overwritten.

    • Memories are like boomerangs. They tend to come back to you suddenly and unexpectedly. No matter how hard you try to divert your attention to something else, you will never succeed. Bad memories which have made quite an impact on your life will never stop lingering in your mind. They will return to hit you hard from time to time. Still, you can take comfort from the fact that at least you will always have something to remember albeit those memories are not worth reliving.

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