My favourite new dance routine

Kawaii is a Japanese word which means cute or pretty. And I think the word is appropriately used in relation to the Japanese, as they are such lovely people, and to their popular culture which is so endearing and interesting. Because of this, I suppose, lots of Thais, including myself, are nuts about many cool things from this likeable nation.

Last weekend, I came across a Japanese band, called Sweet Vacation on NHK World, Japan’s public broadcast TV channel which appeared unannounced on Sky last week. The band consists of two members: a Thai female lead singer who sings brilliantly in Japanese, and a Japanese male musician. I do not know much about their music but I find their songs, like the one in this video, very catchy. While I was listening to it, I felt like shaking my body and dancing with the tune although I cannot understand the lyrics; and in fact I do not need to either. I am still able to enjoy this tuneful song.


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