Christmas chore, completed by a very unreligious person

Lately I have not been very busy doing anything; as a matter of fact, I have never done anything at all for other people. Thankfully, Christmas is arriving this week and it gives me the opportunity to put this right, albeit in a small way. At least, I am pleased with my good gesture.

I finished Christmas shopping, buying gifts for people, a couple of weeks ago. Today, I have just finished writing all the cards that I am going to give to people I know well and to others whom I do not know quite so well. It is a thing that the native people do here, so it will be a good idea for me to play along. Actually, I think Christmas is a good season, when families get together and are happy, despite having to put up with your own people! It is times like this that make me think about my own family and the people that I left behind.

I was not born a Christian. In fact, my parents are Buddhist, consequently, religiously speaking, I am supposed to be like them. But I am not a religious being. Thus I am free to appreciate other people’s way of life and their traditions. And my folks never minded other people’s beliefs either. When I was a kid, they even let me have a great time at the local Christian school on Christmas night, as long as I behaved and respected the place.  There are some differences between my childhood Christmas and the proper western style Christmas. Then, I was not aware of the significance of this tradition. I simply went and just enjoyed the many entertaining things provided by the school on Christmas night such as games and a funfair. Nowadays, I have come to realise that instead of just taking, I should give people something as well; cards and presents on this special day even though it is only a small thing that I can do for them. I do not mind at all.


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