I can’t live without a kiss!

I have not been able to concentrate on writing a single thing on my blog for quite some time, albeit I have plenty of things to say. These days I have been suffering from psychologically negative thinking. To put it simply, I am in a really bitter mood about many things, people and society. I just could not force myself to write in that kind of state. But today, for some reason, I am feeling a little bit better. I hope this positive mood will last. Watching the clips of people kissing might have been the source of the remedy. They definitely seem to ease this terrible attitude of mine. A great kiss would certainly solve my problem!

I do not know which of these two YouTube videos is better. I cannot decide just yet. The straight kiss is tender, but the gay kiss is so hot. Maybe I should do an experiment myself to find out which is the best. Looking at them simply puts a big smile on my face and surely makes my day. I have a strong urge to clutch someone in my arms and give them mouth-to-mouth right now! So, kiss me!



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2 responses to “I can’t live without a kiss!

  1. Yummy

    So cute! I wanna kiss too!

  2. GooGoo

    Yes! Very hot! Kiss me 2!

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