The Baader Meinhof Complex

I want to watch this German movie. It looks interesting. Yet again, another German filmaker re-examines the turbulence in the country’s twentieth century. In recent years, German movies such as Downfall, the story about the final twelve days of Hitler in his Berlin bunker, have received commercial and critical acclaim around the world. Another example is The Lives of Others, a political thriller about the East German Stasi responsible for observing and spying on a famous couple but who later became more and more caught up in their lives. And this latest cinematic offering from a German director is, again, sure to make an impact.

The movie has been released in UK cinemas nationwide. I have not seen it yet and I will wait until the DVD comes out. Yesterday I got the book written by Stefan Aust. The synopsis on the back cover indicates that The Baader Meinhof Complex is about a group of young people, most of whom were from solid, middle-class backgrounds, who took the law into their own hands and by means of arson, bombing, kidnap and murder sought to alter the direction of national, and indeed international, politics. Sounds familar? No, they are not the PAD! It is said that they were Europe’s most notorious terrorists. This is an absorbing true account of a radical group of young people who tried to change the country and the world.


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