I am mentally exhausted with the way people behave

I am not surprised by what is going on right now. I saw it coming. But I could not imagine that one particular group of people would be allowed to do what they have been doing so easily. This is just too much for me to swallow. I am extremely disappointed with the action that these people have chosen to take. It is just maddeningly insane. And whenever I read the news, it just tires me out. I do not want to know anymore: whatever will be, will be. But I still hope that everyone will settle for a peaceful solution. I sincerely hope that everybody will have some sense and get back to behaving like normal human beings. I do not think it would be too difficult to do. At least, that’s what I think.

During the week, I called my family to get their views on this event. They did not seem to be thinking too much about what is going on. They still carry on their daily lives as usual. As a matter of fact, on the day I talked to my mother on the phone, the entire family was completely absorbed in watching a Thai soap on the telly, never mind the fact that the country is in a state of political turmoil. I just wish I could be as detached as them.


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