Snow falling this morning, but not on cedars

I did not get up early enough to see the first snowfall of this year. It had already disappeared by the time I woke up and looked outside. All that was left was just drops of water on the windows. It was a bit of shame that I missed seeing the small white lacy bits of ice falling from the sky. But there is still plenty of time as winter is going to be here for quite a while yet.

As a person who was born in a country as warm as Thailand, one of the very few things that I very much wanted to experience when I first came to the UK was to feel and touch snow. I kept on waiting for months and months to see what real snow looked like and how it felt if I held it in my hand. I was waiting with excitement for the winter to come. And on that day of the year when the snow suddenly came down, despite being anxious to see, I was still deeply asleep in my cosy bed. It must have been falling for quite a while when I heard the phone ringing. Then, when I realised that there was also another sound, like falling rain, I quickly got out of bed and opened the curtains to check what was going on outside and I saw the scene that I had been waiting for. After I finished talking on the phone, I decided that I wanted to go out. I bent down outside the front door and scooped up the small soft white bits. It just wet and icy. The weather was biting cold. I spent about ten or fifteen minutes walking around the neighbourhood in the falling snow, like in some corny, pop music video. The locals must have thought I was mad strolling outside in that kind of weather, looking very pleased with myself. Strangely enough, that was how I felt on that particular snowy day.


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  1. yodmanudying

    ชอบเหมือนกันค่ะ ถึงจะหนาวมากแต่ก็ชอบ
    เสียดายของเช้านี้ไม่ได้เห็น แต่เห็นของครั้งก่อน ^_^

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