Kissing In Public



Check out the clip. It is funny. I would love to participate in this very interesting project. But I am afraid that they are not going to accept my public-kissing video since I do not currently reside in Thailand. Neither do I have a proper video camera to record the action, yet I would somehow find a way to do it. If the project was not limited to Thailand, I would very much like to kiss somebody, regardless of their gender or appearance, in a public place in Britain. That should be even more fun and intriguing! I wonder how the local people would react. Can you imagine if people saw me snogging someone, let’s see for example on a commuter train, at a football match or in a busy high street? It would be hilarious to see the reaction of passers-by. I hope that nobody would take offence. Personally, I do not think seeing people kissing one another is shameful. Quite the opposite, it always makes me feel alive and like a normal human when I come across people indulging in this endearing practice. If I was in the land of smiles, I would drag my friends out and give them a good mouth-to-mouth right now. It is true, I would. Maybe expats in Thailand should take part in this ongoing project as well. It would be fun. Show people what a good kisser you are. Don’t forget to check out the blog of this kissing in public place project.



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3 responses to “Kissing In Public

  1. absolutelybangkok

    Great find! Thanks! My new BKK pastime.

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  3. Great post! If there’s one thing I like to do is kiss! I’m going to check out the kissing in public project. Thanks for the post.


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