On a night like this

If I were in the land of smiles, I would be runnning around all over the place right now. My daily life is just starting when dusk falls. But sadly, this is not Thailand and neither do I have many choices for recreation at this time of the day when the nights suddenly turn cold. All I can do is to sit in front of the computer and try to come up with something to write on my blog.

I do not dislike this particular time of year. It is a bit cold but also is romantic in some way, especially during the night in a cosy house. The atmosphere is calm and meditative. Sporadically, though during a day and night like this, I will spend time thinking and brooding on things, whether something related to the past or present or even the future. Having said that, if I carry on reflecting on things for too long, somehow, what I am dwelling on can drive me mad. I wish I could go out and meet people, but then again… This is not Bangkok or any big city in Thailand where you can just go out and have a great time every night of your life with your friends, talking about various issues or nothing at all aside from having fun and forgetting things that are bothering you. Where I live is only a small town in a foreign country. Its nightlife is ok, but not great.

What else can I do to cheer myself up? I might simply go to bed and slip under the duvet, but not before I reorganise my stuff such as books and other things to make the room smaller and warmer. I could also listen to my Ipod while being bathed in candlelight. After that, who knows, I might just fall asleep and dream. I hope it is a good one.


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