Remove the pictures

I have just removed the pictures of what happened in Bangkok yesterday. For anybody who has just come to check my blog, I sincerely apologise for doing that. It was not my kind of thing to display extreme images on my blog. But last night I had the urge to do so just before I decided to turn in. I had merely a temporary feeling that I wanted people to know how badly some Thais were treating others. It is just so sad.

I called quite a number of people I know in Thailand, including my friends and family, to find out what was going on. Unfortunately, not many people realised the impact of the clash between the police and the anti-government protesters. From what I could gather, they did not seem to be disturbed by this event – it might have had something to do with the fact that they do not reside in Bangkok. They told me they had seen, on national television, an injured man with one of his legs amputated by the tear gas explosion. I doubt that it can cause that level of injury. I asked my sister and some other people I know, whether they were aware that a female who had graduated from Assumption University of Thailand and another person had been killed as a result of yesterday’s dust-up. For some reason, they did not know about this. Thai media seem not to have reported or covered very well various angles of the incident. I feel genuinely helpless. I also tried to contact the father of one of my friends, who works in the army, in case he knew more about yesterday. It was bad luck on me that he was not there to answer my call. By now it was nearly 3.30 am and I was sleepy and tired. I posted those pictures and decided to go to bed.


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  1. yodmanudying

    แต่เห็นเขาถกกันว่าใครทำ ใครเริ่ม อาวุธคืออะไร ใครเจ็บกันแน่ อ่านแล้วปวดหัวกว่าเดิม
    (เราเป็นคนนึงทีไม่อยากติดตามข่าวเลย เครียดค่ะ)

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