What’s the story morning glory…hole?

I used to go to the high street in the town centre, here in the UK, where I live, to do the shopping on a Saturday morning. But these days things have changed; I do not do that any more as I am too bone idle, but instead I let somebody else carry out this necessary job for me. In those days, I would always have a problem getting up early to go to do the chore; I had to force myself to get out of my cosy bed, eat breakfast at a time when my stomach did not cry out for food, and worst of all I had to quickly sanitise myself and do whatever I had to do in the bathroom in a short period of time. Consequently, I sometimes could not even finish what I wanted to do, but had to rush out of the bathroom to leave the house. I suppose a lot of people who commute to work have to go through this on a regular basis. What a life we all have!

On one Saturday morning when I did not have enough time to do a number two before going out, while I was walking in the high street on the way to the supermarket, I suddenly could not stand the urge to release my browny stool any more. I hence decided to head to the public toilet; I had to, seeing that I obviously had no choice. So, I briskly and urgently walked to my destination which would later help to ease the pain in a certain part of me. When I got there, I felt a mighty relief, especially when there was nobody else there to see me running sh*t scared to the loo, except for one guy who was hanging out there for a very specific reason. I ignored him and hurried to a cubicle. By this time, I was holding very tight to my nether region. I looked at one, two and three cubicles so as to find the right place to sit. In the end, I found the one where I thought I would be able to sit peacefully and release the eruption from my rectum, but not before I covered the whole toilet seat with tissues. While it was all coming out, suddenly, the man I had seen a few seconds ago walked into the cubicle next to me. I did not pay too much attention to him as I was trying to stop the nuclear weapon pouring out of me. But the man knocked on the wall a few times and kept tapping his feet continuously. I was not scared since I was well aware that he was trying to send me a signal for something. Thank god there was no hole in the cubicle wall, otherwise he might have stuck his secret weapon through. To be honest, I was quite pissed off though I decided to carry on doing my business. Finally he just simply left and I was very relieved. After I finished, I headed to the washbasin to clean my hands, and there he was pretending to wash his hands too, while at the same time glancing at me surreptitiously. I refused to let his glare bother me and finished washing my hands before leaving the premises as quickly as I could. Later on, I realised that the guy could have been a loiterer who was merely looking for someone with whom he might have some fun in the toilet area. I guess some people are just into this kind of thing. But I was amazed at his behaviour. People are very strange indeed.


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  1. yodmanudying

    อืม แปลกจริงๆด้วยค่ะ

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