Away from her

It is a truly poignant movie about a woman who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and her husband has to put her into a care home. I know that this is only a movie and I should not have been thinking too much about it. But the reality is that this disease causes so much stress to the relatives of the patients; it is worse when they see their loved ones experiencing this illness and gradually losing their minds, including the memories of the ones they love. I am trying to understand so as to be able to express my opinion regarding this topic because I do not want to offend anybody. My understanding is that this unpleasant disease usually affects the elderly and is more prevalent in Caucasion people. I hope I am wrong.

There was an elderly couple who used to live next door to me, here in the UK. But eventually the husband had to sell their house because his wife had gone senile. He could no longer look after her by himself; she needed 24 hour support in a care home. What is the difference between senile and Alzheimer’s anyway? It was really sad when he came to say goodbye. I personally did not talk to him much apart from simple greetings, as I did not know him very well. At that time I was just a foreigner, new to the neighbourhood, whose English was not that great. On that evening I was just sitting upstairs listening to him saying goodbye to the person who I am living with.

It is always lovely to see an elderly couple because this signifies that people can have a good life together, no matter what. Even a horrible disease cannot result in them drifting apart. Just wonderful.


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  1. yodmanudying

    โรคนี้น่ากลัวมากๆค่ะ แต่ดื่มชาช่วยป้องกันได้นะ (เคยอ่านมาค่ะ) ^_^

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