You might get killed by your shoes

This is serious. After watching this clip, it reminded me of a rumour about a woman who, unfortunately, fell off her towering block-like stilettos and hit her head on the footpath. The woman allegedly died on the spot. That’s why they’re called a “fashion crime or fashion of mass destruction”! However, the shoes’ liability was never confirmed. But, girls who love wearing shoes like these might need to watch out when they strut about in these impractical high heels. At the very least, you could accidentally break your legs if you fall like the model in the clip. I wonder why many women like to wear them. They don’t look very comfortable. Maybe the heels could be used as a weapon in case of an emergency, such as when a woman has an argument with her boyfriend and feels the need to stick something into his head; why don’t you turn to your own shoes girl?! If that was the case, I could see the use for them. And men, you all might just need to look out!


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