Tea for me

I barely drank tea while I was still living in the land of smiles. I found it a bit tasteless, though there was some flavour there. From time to time, Thai elders would offer me a cup of tea, usually Chinese tea or iced tea – often in a plastic bag with an elastic band tied at the top and a straw in it; I simply refused their generosity. Back then, tea was not really my cup of tea. Wasn’t that ironic? These days, things have changed and I am able to enjoy the drink a bit better. After living with Brits for quite a while, I have turned into a tea fan. The thing that I like about drinking tea is that it helps to reduce indigestion after a meal. Preferably, I like to drink it after dinner every day – it stops me from burping. Having said that, I have never made a cup of tea by myself and I do not wish to either; I have somebody who does it for me. Aren’t I lucky? I personally do not mind just playing the role of a tea drinker. I love it, especially when it is accompanied by a lovely chocolate biscuit. It is so yummy.



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2 responses to “Tea for me

  1. yodmanudying

    ตอนนี้เราหันไปดื่มชาไทยล่ะค่ะ ชาตรามือ ของโบราณนะ สีส้มๆใส่นมข้นอร่อยมากๆเล้ย (อ้วนกว่าอีก แฮะๆ)
    อืม แต่ไม่มีคนชงให้แฮะ เริ่มอิจฉานิดๆละ :b

  2. ชอบมากๆ เลยครับ บิสกิต แต่ทานเท่าไรก็ไม่อ้วน สงสัยเป็นโรคผอมครับ
    เคยพยายามชงชาดื่มเอง แต่พอทำแล้วไม่อร่อยเท่าไร ก็เลยให้คนแถวๆ ชงให้ครับ


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