“Samlor” or Thai tricycle

There was one incident that I really want to forget but I cannot, and the image of this particular episode keeps recurring in my mind. It is aggravating me. And I do not think I will ever get it out of my head either.  I just hope I can live with it, like some of the other bad experiences that have happened to me. This was not a  tragic story, it was just a careless mistake. So, you do not need to bless yourself for it.

My cousin, a friend and I had found a tricycle, as depicted in the picture, left in the street in the neighbourhood. We took it for granted that we could borrow it without asking permission from the owner. Then we rode it all over the area and later further into the town, which we thought quite adventurous. It was just a bit of fun really. We had been playing around for a few hours when suddenly disaster struck; we rode the Samlor into the back of someone’s pickup truck which was parked in front of the owner’s house. We simply lost control of the vehicle and we watched, horror-struck, as the tricycle hit the truck. We did not know what to do, aside from standing still at the scene, petrified, while the owner headed out of his house to check what was going on. For a moment, we thought we were surely going to have to deal with the consequences of our action and he was genuinely upset. Who wouldn’t be if their car had been hit – I would be pissed off too. He checked on the damaged area at the back of his truck where there was a tiny dent. We apologised profusely and I was sure he was going to ask to meet our parents – and he did. But then, surprisingly, he changed his mind and we got away with it, but only after he gave us a blessingly long lecture. After he let us go, we were not in the mood to play any more. We decided to go back to the neighbourhood and park the Samlor where we had found it. Unfortunately, the owner was waiting for our return. What happened next? It was like all hell had broken loose.

Looking back, I feel truly sorry for the trouble that we caused to both the owner of the Samlor and the pick up truck. I doubt that they still remember, but you never know.


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  1. yodmanudying

    ซนมั่กๆ ^_^

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