The love story of an ordinary person will be an amazing thing in this city

“An amazing thing will occur to Pod, and Jin will make it happen”

Wisit Sartsanatieng turned Bangkok into a city of romance, comedy and spectacular fantasy.

Pod is a normal country guy, who went to Bangkok to work in a sardine-canning factory. One day, he decided to quit his job, for his personal safety, to work somewhere else. In this new work place he saw a pretty maid, whose name was Jin, who also came to the city to look for a dream, which she, herself, did not understand. Pod fell for Jin instantly. Every time he saw her, his world seemed to be more lively and beautiful than usual.

Citizen Dog is a colourful love story and, as usual for this director, is impressive. He seems to use the same technique of over-saturating the colours as with Tears of the Black Tiger. This, though, makes the movie fantastically interesting. It is like watching a cartoon with painted characters. There are many peculiarly funny characters in the film. Take Jin for example, she likes to organise things, and also likes cleaning whenever she sees something dirty: she will clean them at once and always carries a book with her, although she does not know what it is all about. There are other funny characters, such as a guy who keeps licking things, a zombie motorcycle taxi, a talking teddy bear and a girl who is of adult age and who likes to smoke. My favourite scene in the entire movie is where the director utilises ordinary plastic bottles and changes them into something commendably surreal. The music is brilliant as well. Overall, this movie deserves to be watched by normal, sentient human beings. I cannot imagine anyone will dislike this lovely Thai film.


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