Where have I been?

Last night, just before I decided to shut down the computer to disconnect myself from the outside world, I was struck by the urge to check on Michiko Kakutani at the New York Times – I had not read her sharp and dissecting literary review for quite a while. In doing so, I stumbled across news of the genuinely tragic loss of a very gifted American writer. David Foster Wallace was found dead in his home last Friday after committing suicide. I was completely nonplussed by the news as he is one of the very few writers whose work interests me. He wrote fiction and essays, including the colossal novel, Infinite Jest, which I have purchased, but have not yet had the opportunity to read. He will be greatly missed and his work will inspire a lot of readers. I pay him my respects. RIP.



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2 responses to “Where have I been?

  1. I’m consoled that you haven’t read this one either.

    Mine first!


  2. I might read your book before his – some day. His style of writing is very oddball, especially with the strangely long paragraphs. I genuinely feel sad about his demise. He was very intellectual.

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