This is just getting silly

I did not want to get involved in other people’s business but sometimes when I hear about someone who has been constantly bullied and threatened, I have a strong urge to make a scene; and the person who has to put up with this nonsensical harrassment is the owner of one of my favourite Thai movie websites:

Thaicinema often provides me with valuable information regarding what is going on with the Thai cinema scene. The owner and her colleague work very hard to report up-to-date news. It is not an easy job as it means that she quite often has to travel to many film festivals around the world to get information and feedback from foreign viewers to report on her website. This is hugely beneficial to some readers like me who have no other way of obtaining this news and feedback except via the internet. But, at the same time, it is also easy for those who want to plagiarise her work and put it on their own websites or blogs without referring to the source. Some even copy her work and publish it in printed documents. It is quite understandable that she is very frustrated, yet she does not want to make a big thing of it, apart from complaining on her website. When she did, there were some who sent rude emails and spam in reply. Most recently there has been someone posting messages on a Thai webboard accusing her of stealing other people’s work, in spite of the fact that she and her colleague have all the evidence to back up their work. No wonder she wanted to quit maintaining her site because of this non-stop harrassment. Personally, I want her to carry on her fantastic work as, to me, there is no other website doing a better job. On the other hand, I just feel so sad for those who keep terrorising other people. I think they must lead such sad lives.


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