Thai cowboy action tragic love story

Dum and Rumpoey loved one another, but they were hugely different in terms of social status; she came from a wealthy family, he was just a poor country guy, who also happened to be an outlawed gangster cowboy.

Tears of the Black Tiger is out in the left field. Both in its acting and cinematography, the film goes overboard. The fight scene is bloody beyond normal action cowboy movies and coruscatingly colourful. This, though, makes the movie pulsating. The story is dramatic and heartrending as well. It is like Romeo and Juliet mingled with an American cowboy movie in Thai style. The acting of the two protagonists is satisfactory overall. The flirting scene, however, is a tad lacklustre. It is a bit cartoonist, not too realistic. Equally good is his late 2004 work, Citizen Dog, which I will write about in due course. This Thai director is a promising star. I cannot wait to see his next movie.



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2 responses to “Thai cowboy action tragic love story

  1. yodmanudying

    หนังของใครนะคะ น่าสนใจดีอ่ะ

  2. Wisit Sasanatieng


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