Answer this question

Who would you like to be the next Thai Prime Minister?

A. Another puppet of someone who is currently in exile in the UK.

B. It does not matter who that person is as long as he or she is approved by the PAD.

C. Just pick any Thai citizen on the street since it seems to me that whoever gets the job is not going to be taken seriously anyway.

D. Nobody deserves to be the next PM as, according to Thais, they tend to think that the country can survive without a leader.

It is blatantly obvious that this is just me being sarcastic about this whole political fiasco. Whoever is going to be assigned the job is going to endure a lot of unavoidable difficulties. I wish that person all the best!

Talking about multiple choice questions, this is a type of test that many Thai students have to do. As you can see this kind of query does not came across as something that encourages pupils to think logically and methodically. They are already given the possible answers, all they have to do is to pick the right one. Sometimes, students have no idea and just pick an answer blindly. They just do it for the sake of completing the exam, just in case they are lucky enough to randomly get the right answer. It is also easy for teachers to give the students this sort of exam since it is very easy for them to mark the exam papers. Rarely, students will be given an essay test, except in some Thai elite schools. This illustrates how poorly the Thai education system is planned and managed by those responsible. In all probability it is deliberate in order to suppress kids’ mentality which is rather a shame.


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