No sympathy for anybody as nobody sympathises with you

Despite giving a reason why the characters in the movie deserved to be punished because of what they had wrongly done, Sympathy for Mr Vengeance took an unnecessarily long time to get into the action.

It was not difficult for a normal person, like Ryu, the deaf-mute guy, to make a big mistake in life, albeit he really did not want to. Having to make ends meet, he also seriously wanted to save his beloved sister’s life. Hence he decided to trade one of his kidneys for money so that he could spend it on his sister’s operation. However, things did not go according to his plan. Not knowing what to do, he consulted with his girlfriend. On her advice, he made the decision to kidnap the daughter of an affluent business man, who also was his former employer. Yet everything went badly wrong again.

Park Dong-jin was a successful business man, who lived his life like other ordinary human beings. He could not comprehend, however, why an honest person like him had to have his daughter taken away from him. In this movie, the two protagonists, Ryu and Park, both sought revenge: Ryu for being deceived by an illegal kidney-trading gang and the latter who wanted to exact revenge on Ryu for doing a terrible thing related to Park’s daughter.

As well as being a vengeful film, this movie also deals with love and social differences; a brother and a father who will do anything for their loved ones or the yawning gap in social status between the two characters. While I was watching Mr Vengeance, I felt that the movie moved at quite a slow pace to justify the end action. Even so, I was not shocked or gob-smacked by what I finally saw. I felt like I was being taken, by the director, to familiar territory and consequently the movie did not impress me that much. The movie, in general, is goodish, in my view.


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