Wanted: a transgender Thai female to participate in a German movie

I am writing about this gender again but please do not think I have a thing about these people. As a matter of fact I feel nothing at all towards them since, to me, they are simply normal. Yet when I happen to come across an interesting story regarding these people, I think it is better to pass it on as I do not suppose many people can read Thai.

This is the advertisement (in Thai) at Thaicinema.org looking for a Thai ladyboy:

“Wanted a Thai ladyboy who loves acting to take the leading role in a German movie called “RED CROSS” by the director Hugo Vieira da Silva.

The applicant must meet the following requirements:

1. A Thai ladyboy who has not yet had the operation (having breast enlargement is permissible).

2. Beautiful and have confidence in your own beauty. Mystique, beguiling and endearing.

3. Will not have a problem with certain scenes that involve exposing your intimate parts.

4. To be able to travel to Germany so as to shoot the movie without any problem, towards the end of the year.

5. Do not need to be able to speak English fluently as an interpreter will be provided.

6. HIV negative test result needed after being selected.

7. In the process of having a screen test, you need to wear a two piece bikini for a recording shoot which will be viewed by the director.”

More information can be found via the link.

Immediately after reading this I thought, for a few moments, that there was something sinister about this movie. But according to the site, this is a real requirement for a specific acting role. Interesting though…


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