Extra service for a very good exam result

“A teacher was transferred as a consequence of alleged sexual misconduct against his student; his excuse was that he was drunk at the time”

“A teacher sexually assaulted his student, the girl is pregnant and he proposed to give her a very good grade.”

These are just two examples of headlines in Thai newspapers, that I roughly translated into English, regarding the improper behaviour of some teachers in Thailand. Incidents like these reflect a few hometruths of what is happening between students and teachers in Thai educational institutions. Cases of students sleeping with their teachers or lecturers -albeit incongruous- do exist and it is hardly a new thing. During my student years I even heard about this sort of scandal taking place in my college. The surprising thing for me is that in recent years, stories like this appear incessantly in the media.  One might wonder what is going wrong with some aspects of society. Maybe in order to deter people who have a job educating children, from sexually misbehaving against them, parents should put forward a tough proposal to the Thai government on how to punish unprincipled and reprehensible teachers. Some people have even suggested removing their intimate parts as the ultimate sentence. Despite being such a good idea, it is a bit extreme to do that! And I do not think the Thai justice system will ever have to resort to that. I hope.

More about this story (in Thai) can be found via the news.


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