Chain emails

Last week I got an email from my friend who is currently living abroad, somewhere on this planet. Initially, I thought this female friend of mine just wanted to ask about my well being, which is a common courtesy for friends who have not heard from each other for years. Instead, she sent me something that I have to forward to 9 other people, otherwise I would face bad omens. On the other hand, if I did as I was told I would receive good fortune within 9 days. Contained within the email was a religious prayer which I needed to say nine times before sending it on to other people. After reading this junk, I was going to erase it, but when I thought about it, just for scientific proof, I decided to go along with this game. I was not scared with the threat but as a logical being, I wanted to prove whether there is any basis to this superstitious nonsense. Therefore I sent it to 8 people with whom I do not usually get along and the last one I sent back to her! I wonder if she needs to send it on again to another nine people! In the not too distant future – it has been six days since I did what I was told – I might know if the email really contains supernatural force. So, you could wish me good luck! But I doubt any exciting thing will happen to me. I wish not.



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3 responses to “Chain emails

  1. prometheustherebel

    Email chain letters = worst email ever.

  2. You might wonder how some people have the time to do this sort of thing. Perhaps they should go to see a counsellor instead.

  3. LOVE EM, hate em , next commet

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