101 comments so far

Don’t you think that I should be happy that there is quite an interesting number of people who are so interested in my blog? Many even posted their “whatever comments” in this insignificant blog. I ought to be content and appreciate their feedback, right?  But the reality is that the 101 comments which I am referring to were spam – I do not mind pingback providing that it does not link my blog to porn sites or whatever sites I deem unsuitable for my readers. A few days ago, Akismet, a spam blocking system, mananged to stop some uninvited comments. One of those happened to be a certain kind of comment that wanted to link my blog to some bizarre links. Without hesitation, I decided to erase it and the others as I usually do whenever I come across spam. I guess other bloggers surely have unwanted comments in their blogs as well. Sometimes I just do not understand why these people keep doing this and nobody will ever understand this kind of weird behaviour. The human mind is hard to comprehend but if these spammers want to carry on sending their inappropriate links to my blog, I will also continue to terminate their hideous linking comments.  Let’s just hope that these people will find something more useful to do, instead of posting junk on other people’s blogs. But I doubt they will give up this unsavoury activity. I do not think they ever will. So, maybe we will just have to deal with it! I suppose.


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