Takraw or Sepak Takraw is a southeast Asian traditional sport. It is not clear which nation invented this sport, but it is mostly played in Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Indonesia and the Philippines. It was even included in the South East Asian Games and the Asian games. In Thailand, people, particularly men, play this game in many places, like a sports playground or a school yard. Takkraw was also part of many curriculums that every student of my generation had to study and do the exercise test to pass the subject. I did not really understand why we had to learn about it since it gave me a lot of pain, especially headaches – I genuinely mean physical pain. As you can see from the clip, it is quite an acrobatic game. Even though we did not have to be as good as the players in the video, we still needed to learn the basic stuff that required us to use certain parts of our body, such as our feet, thighs and forehead, to kick the ball which is made from a hard substance like synthetic fibre. Every time the ball came straight at me, I tried to use the lower part of my legs to kick it, but occasionally I could not avoid using my head. It did not hurt severely but was painful enough. Still, it was a good fun, but I just do not want to play it again!


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