Silly Fools versus Silly Fools


Oh yeah, I miss this Thai band. Silly Fools is probably the best head-banging rock band in Thailand. It is a shame that the former lead singer, also known as Toe, quit the band as a result of a disagreement between its members on a silly issue – I fould the whole thing rather rock cliche’. So, they had to replace him with a new singer whose name is Benjamin Jung Tuffnell, Korean born, but adopted by American parents. To be fair, I think his voice is quite good, but personally I still prefer Toe to him. Maybe I just have not got used to his voice yet. Time will tell if he will be able to surpass the voice and reputation of the bygone vocalist. Still, it is great for the band to try to do something new by presenting a new singer who is able to sing in English to their fans. Surely they will continue to rock my world! Silly Fools will always rule!


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  1. asiam

    ben wasn’t half bad alright, but silly fools isn’t quite silly fools without toe.. the present silly fools sounds like a completely new band, albeit a decent one.. i really really do miss the sound of silly fools! new silly fools doesn’t do it, hangman doesn’t do it either!
    but still, at least there’s 2 bands for me to listen to now…

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