Eating watermelon improves your sexual energy


According to the news, eating a certain amount of watermelon could have the same effect as taking one tablet of viagra. The citrulline found in the melon helps to relax blood vessels in our body. More information about this story can be found here.

I personally love watermelon. I like the sweetness and juiciness of this fruit, particularly in the summer when the weather in Thailand is excruciatingly hot. I would often buy at least one a day and shove this exotic fruit in the refrigerator after cutting it into small pieces and keep it there until the afternoon when the temperature became unbearable. The taste of this succulent was exceptionally pleasant in the summer heat. I love the feeling of biting and chewing a piece of it. Talking about this is making me realise how much I miss Thai fruits as a whole seeing that they are so cheap, healthy and tasty. That is just one of many problems of living abroad as you cannot get what you normally take for granted in your own country. Maybe I will just have to make do with the local fruits. In fact they are not bad either.


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